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Trudi Bleu Lupus 1006 100 ML

Trudi Bleu Lupus 1006 100 ML

Fragrance Made in Switzerland


Let them go crazy over your classic scent choices and leave a mark of your presence behind with the Trudi Bleu Lupus 1006. This fragrance opens with top notes of Jamy rose and raspberry blended with geranium and saffron that magnificently complements the heart note of benzoin to create a perfect mix of luxury in a bottle. As the fragrance continues to dry down, the base notes of Oudh, Incense, and Amberwood embody a relaxed and soft touch, transporting you to the magical world of oriental sweetness.


Lupus 1006  by Trudi is inspired by a Supernova explosion, perhaps one of the brightest recorded in the constellation of Lupus.



Top Notes
  • Rose
  • Raspberry
  • Geranium
  • Saffron

Heart Notes

  • Benzoin
Base notes
  • Oudh
  • Incense
  • Amberwood


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