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About Us

Where It All Began


Launched in 2017, Trudi Bleu is a British luxury brand that offers unique fragrances made of the finest ingredients with the highest technical precision. The result is a masterful collection of opulent creations. Each fragrance restores experiences of another place in time. They remind you of beautiful memories.Staying true to our commitment to luxury and excellence, our fragrances are meticulously researched and skilfully crafted and filled in exquisite French bottles. Our perfumers are based in  US, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

Trudi contains the highest concentration of 20% fragrance oils (Eau De Parfum) currently available in India, whereas majority of the mainstream brands in the Indian market merely have 5-10% (EDC/EDT) of oil concentration.Our mission is to revolutionize the Indian fragrance industry which is saturated with such main stream fragrances.

The concept of Trudi Bleu is simple— Offer Haute Perfumes at affordable price point.

We strive for excellence, and aim to satisfy all of your fragrance needs. For more information, please browse through our site or get in touch with a member of our team.

Trudi Bespoke

Trudi aims to launch Bespoke Fine Fragrances as part of its fragrance strategy in India.  Private label projects for established designers are also a part of our fragrance strategy.

Trudi Commitment

Trudi sources its raw materials from world-class aroma raw material manufacturers in Europe in particular Switzerland and the US.. We are an India-focused first niche fragrance brand funded by a European Beauty and Personal Care Venture Capital. All our raw materials are imported from the US and Europe and bottled in a GMP-certified facility in India (Green Label) and the UK (Main line)

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We  currently distribute fragrances in India with an aim to export our fragrances to 50+ countries by 2020.
Trudi is set to launch 50+ variants catered to needs of Indian clients.
For distribution inquiries please email to :

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For distribution  please contact :

(M) 0091 8238764250

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